Fund Raising

We as in charitable institution is dependent on donations received from the Corporates, online fundraising campaigns, and other well-wishers. With your support, we can reach out to maximum people who are in need of help across the country. By providing them with basic amenities, we can improve their health, lifestyle and cause a huge difference in the future of this country.

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You could join us in this journey of causing a difference to the lives. Our team will be thrilled to hear from you, to guide you with any clarifications you need, and to assist you in every manner we can.

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Charity fundraising campaigns is an effective way to contribute towards our various programmes It creates awareness and makes you realise that you are a part of a community, and that this position holds certain amount of responsibility and also self- empowerment. When you raise funds for us, you shall appreciate what you have and understand that you have the ability to help others.

Pen down on a fundraising idea and you can fundraise at home, at school or at work; if you want to organise an event or a collection we’ll support you all the way. It is a rewarding activity for individuals who wish to make a difference in the lives of others.