ANMOL Charitable Trust, a registered non-profit organization founded in 2017, empowers and support clothing, education, medicines as a basic need which deserves a place on the development agenda. We believe to emerge & empower not just as an organization but as a support across different regions and countries.

Utilize day to day material as a tool to highlight ignored issues & fulfill basic needs.

Enrolling individuals of various communities to come together & work on projects which encourage & team spirit amongst all members, development of productive thoughts.

Enhance & upgrade the lives, needs, requirements in rural areas

We firmly believe in charity and not business, for us charity is not a business.


With time we have noticed parents now ask their wards to choose fields based on their interest, passion. But many a times students end by choosing a field which is influenced by friends, coaching classes suggestions, or thinking this is quite trendy. Then do not think about future possibilities, scope, and competition. Decisions taken in hurry, affects in negative way in most of the cases. In order to stop this pattern of parents and students we are conducting aptitude exams for school students which will support them to choose their career wisely based on marks. To register for our upcoming exams click on the link below. Register Now